Judith Kerrigan Ribbens

Welcome to my website.

The images above are available for purchase within these pages. Each painting represents a foray into watercolor and/or collage and mixed media. My experiments with combining media elements began early in my artistic life and the creation of each new piece is a source of great joy.

Originals and Reproductions on Canvas are available in the "Art for Sale" sections. Prints on paper and other products bearing my images are available through the "Shopping" tab on the main menu.

For gallery owners and purchasers: a complete file of all available work may be had upon request. Email that request to judirose@tds.net.

A file of ongoing and planned projects is in progress.

My work as an author is represented here, as well. The Anna Kinneally Trilogy  
is a mystery novel series described in the "Books" section. Included are unpublished excerpts and insights into my writing process. A fourth book in the series, The Brown Recluse, is in progress. 

I hope your journey through is pleasurable.

Thank you for visiting.

Judith Kerrigan Ribbens