Judith Kerrigan Ribbens
a simple page wherein there is poetry of mine and others
With power of glass
Stained flowing gold,
Silence blossoms.

To orchid’s passion
Aging senses sting
While wine turns dark.

Love’s sepia power
Now wrinkles sensuality.
Yet I still desire you.

Judith Ribbens 2004


​The ancient Hawaiian shamans, when threatened with extinction and loss of their culture, hid the healing powers in the ancient stones of Hawaii.

​The ancient Ojibwa shamans knew that spirits lived in the centers of certain stones, and that, if a person knew the way, it is possible to receive permission to enter the stone and converse with these spirits.
Some will even tell their name. Ancient names...like the breath of the wind.

O​nce again
We honor stones as the sages of the world,
Then, we shall have wisdom.
Then, we shall have peace.

Judith Ribbens 2007
​Concept for my art: a series of goddesses, with accompanying altars, in collage/mixed media.

In far mysterious galaxies She waited,
Our long forgotten goddess.
Red frozen tears She cried for those who never knew Her.

She has known us all.
She listened, saw, heard, waited.

From another time-space She waits now
Hearing silent longings in the hearts of women.
When we speak our truths, She returns.


Judith Ribbens 2006

There is a train whose whistle blows along the corridors of time and space.
No tracks can be seen where it travels.
I wait in a summer night for it to come, listening.

Death’s sounds echo, still far away.
But coming.

Judith Ribbens 2007​
Memory of a Leaf

Leafing springs

Living summers

Leaving falls

Laying winters soft upon the ground

Seasons cycling round and round

Judith Ribbens 2007​
 The "Our Mother"

Our Mother, you who art here wherever we walk,
Hallowed be your name.
Your presence is come to us.
May your will be done here and in all worlds in the universe.
May we be blessed this day, our needs fulfilled.
Forgive us our disrespect, our lapses of awareness, and every act of destruction, and we will strive to forgive each other.
Lead us to the Light and teach us to stand against evil with complete, total love.
For in this way we live in your presence, your power and your glory, forever and ever, in every plane of existence.

Judith Ribbens 2006
revised 2008​
The Unfinished Poem: Reincarnation

A thousand years I lay in darkness upon the forest floor
Resting, waiting, changing,
And then I grew and felt the sun upon my face again

Judith Ribbens 2008​

Deep within the pine-needled forest floor
Old tales rest in utter silence.

A child runs under the pines.
He stops, listening, scarcely breathing.
Stories arise, reverberate, hover shimmering around him

As he whispers, “Oh, grandma! This is very beautiful,” I see his spirit inhale the forest and soar.

​Awareness thrills upon his face.
Josh listens with his spirit and knows.

From a true experience when Josh was four years old.
Written sometime in the 90s
Judith Ribbens ​
  A poem given to me by Wa?kwalihtot

I Have Seen You Dance

I have seen you Dance.
Not as contestant at the Powwpow
Or yet, as part of people
Having fun
Have I seen you , There.

I have Seen you
One in Spirit with the Spirits of All Creature Beings.
All Created and Creating.
I have Recognized you Dancing Rhythm as the
Praise of Energy in Life Creating.

You did not take it well from me
When I said,
“I have Seen you Dance.”
“Yes. That’s what we do,” You dryly said,
“We dance.”

You thought I saw you dance as
Closed Minds do:
An object to observe.
I did not mean it that way,

For I Dance in that
Sacred Space myself.
I have Seen you

April 27, 1995 Wa?kwalihtot

I found this poem I like but don’t know who wrote it.

Life is mostly froth and bubble.
Two things stand like stone.
Kindness in another’s trouble.
Courage in your own.

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